About us

vProtect is a brand of Ofer Dis Ticaret Limited Sirketi.

vProtect is a manufacturer and distributor of Disposable Personal Protective Equipments, isolation gowns, laboratory coats, Non-sterile and sterile surgical gowns, disposable drapes, surgical drape packs, examination gowns and all groups of disposable draping sheets.

We are 100% Export oriented company, current export are reaching over 45 countries across the world. Our Main markets are United States, Spain, UK, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Australia.

Our products are certified with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, EN13795 and CE marking from EU Notify Body.

Our PPE Coverall line has following certifications; EN 14126 certified by Notify Body. Both Type 5B/Type 6B and Type 3B/4B.

Our Sterile Surgical disposables line has EC Certificate according to Directive 93/42 EEC on medical devices.